A collaborative, holistic approach to construction. 

We have proven to yield the most beautiful work and the most satisfied clients. This starts with a design-centric construction methodology—a project process that intimately interconnects the exploration of design concepts with the realities of construction. By approaching projects with a design-centric construction mindset, Sonderlust serves as both the client advocate and the project director. When a project starts with Sonderlust, you experience a holistic design process complete with creativity, collaboration, and constructability. 

This means you can communicate what you want, make decisions as needed, and trust Sonderlust to handle the rest.

Why Sonderlust?

Our Design Ethos

Sonderlust believes in authentic, holistic design presented with restraint and simplicity. Our collaborative approach and impeccable intuition reveal each client’s unique lifestyle and personality. We expand our minds and resources to infuse a global perspective and then curate with thoughtful intention. The result is inspired design that creates powerful connections between people and spaces—approachable, distinctive environments.

Simply put, spaces that look and feel good.


We are sly design foxes—artful creators with quick minds who take swift action to solve problems.


We aren’t just here to make things looks pretty. There is a science to design. We back the beauty with brains, so your space works efficiently and effortlessly.


Just because we have done it before, doesn’t mean it is right for you. We check our egos at the door and ideate together to create spaces that suit lifestyles and achieve goals.


Sometimes a vision is hard to articulate. We interpret your energy and intention on a deeper level to achieve the results you desire.


There is nothing worse than design disappointment—falling in love with something you can’t have. Our left-brained logic balances our right-brained creativity, and our design-centric construction process ensures visions come to life.


We are knowledge seekers and information gatherers who ask questions, tap into resources, know the right people, and care about every detail. As your client advocate and project director, we have your back.

Principal Designer, CO-Founder

Natasha Afana 

Natasha is a Nebraska native, Colorado transplant who brings the Midwestern heart of gold, trustworthiness and unbeatable work ethic to every partnership and project. Combine these notable characteristics with her passion, creativity and astute construction knowledge and there simply isn’t a better client advocate for your design project.     

Natasha founded Sonderlust to be a different type of design studio, an interior design firm with a design-centric construction focus. Her accredited design degree combined with experience with custom home builders, cabinetry manufacturers and design-build construction companies make her a well-rounded and respected design professional with a unique skillset and project perspective. Contractors repeatedly say, “She gets it!” 

Creative Director, CO-FOUNDER

Stacey McGeein

Stacey is a California native with Colorado roots, who recently made her way back to the Mile High City. For the last 15 years, she has worked as a brand and identity consultant. From defining her clients' vision, voice and experience, to the design of the virtual and physical spaces they occupy, she has helped countless clients bring their brand to life.

In addition to being an identity guru, Stacey’s parallel calling in property management, investment, staging and interior design, has allowed her to flex her creative muscle and passion for real estate.

The intersection of these careers led her to co-founding Sonderlust, where she hopes to help clients translate concepts into tangible experiences and designs.

Of all the roles she holds, it is that of a wife and mother to two kids, two dogs and five chickens that has fueled her commitment to creating fluid and functional spaces.

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We are known for our design-centric construction expertise. We believe meaningful design exists at the intersection of science and art, so we serve as your liaison between idea and execution. 

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