As a design studio, we strive to be sought out by both end users and industry professionals. We believe in the synergy between design & construction and aspire to maintain long standing relationships with professionals who share our vision. From the Homeowner or Commercial Client to the Developer, Realtor, Architect, Engineer and Contractor, each person is a contributor of information and energy. Together, we foster a collaborative and seamless project experience—the key to creating distinctive environments. 

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Our Design Ethos

Sonderlust believes in authentic, holistic design presented with restraint and simplicity. Our collaborative approach and impeccable intuition reveal each client’s unique lifestyle and personality. We expand our minds and resources to infuse a global perspective and then curate with thoughtful intention. The result is inspired design that creates powerful connections between people and spaces—approachable, distinctive environments.

Simply put, spaces that look and feel good.


We are sly design foxes—artful creators with quick minds who take swift action to solve problems.


We aren’t just here to make things looks pretty. There is a science to design. We back the beauty with brains, so your space works efficiently and effortlessly.


Just because we have done it before, doesn’t mean it is right for you. We check our egos at the door and ideate together to create spaces that suit lifestyles and achieve goals.


Sometimes a vision is hard to articulate. We interpret your energy and intention on a deeper level to achieve the results you desire.


There is nothing worse than design disappointment—falling in love with something you can’t have. Our left-brained logic balances our right-brained creativity, and our design-centric construction process ensures visions come to life.


We are knowledge seekers and information gatherers who ask questions, tap into resources, know the right people, and care about every detail. As your client advocate and project director, we have your back.

Natasha is an exceptionally talented designer with a pure aesthetic and focus on functional design. She seamlessly helped us navigate the overwhelming process of designing and building our custom dream home from start to finish. With cost in mind, she always selected the best materials, fixtures, and finishes that formed a cohesive style-forward look.

We love our house and could not have realized our vision without her help.

— Matt & Natalie B

"While we had an architect, cabinet designer, and contractor, Natasha was instrumental in every step and tying everything together. Natasha has a gift of really listening to what we wanted at a high-level and translating that into design.

— Ramona T

Early on, the architect gave us multiple options for the layout of the kitchen and bathroom, and we were going to move forward with our selections. Based on what she heard we wanted, Natasha stepped in and proposed another kitchen design. She didn't feel like what we selected was going to meet our goals for the kitchen. She also challenged us to consider the other bathroom layout for the same reasons. She articulated why she thought the layouts she proposed would work better for what we wanted, and she was right! We decided to move forward with both of her suggestions, and we could not be happier with the results!

In everything that Natasha did for us, she listened to us, asked what we wanted, offered us suggestions without being pushy, and was always quick to respond via email or text. 

"While looking for an affordable house with an acreage, we found a two-story with a full basement on a 2-acre lot just north of Denver Metro. All the rooms were small and overall the inside was dark. We contacted Natasha and she kindly drove out to look over the project.

— Steven & Valerie C.

She came back with an amazing plan to would remodel this house into our dream home. She turned the kitchen/dining room from a place for a drive-thru McDonalds meal for four into a beautiful open and bright kitchen/dining room that we have used to host a family Thanksgiving dinner for twenty!

Upstairs, she turned two small bedrooms and a small master bath into a Master Suite.  Natasha even helped arrange for a contractor, drywaller, painter, cabinet maker, countertop fabricator, and flooring specialist.
The project was completed on time and on budget.

She came back with an amazing plan that would remodel this house into the dream house that we wanted. Natasha even helped arrange for a contractor, drywaller, painter, cabinet maker, countertop fabricator, and flooring specialist.

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We are known for our design-centric construction expertise. We believe meaningful design exists at the intersection of science and art, so we serve as your liaison between idea and execution. 

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